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Having problems in the bedroom is something men dread, and if it happens to you it could have a serious impact on your well-being and happiness. Dr. Kevin Gehin of CoreMedical in Pittston, Pennsylvania, offers a revolutionary solution to erectile dysfunction with GAINSWave® acoustic technology. GAINSWave improves blood flow to your penis without the need for surgery or medication. If you’re experiencing problems achieving or maintaining an erection, call CoreMedical today or book an appointment online.


What is GAINSWave?

GAINSWave® is a revolutionary therapy that uses high-frequency acoustic waves to help men with erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave technology is scientifically proven to help men who wish to optimize their sexual performance and maintain better erections.

By the time men reach the age of 40, around 40% of them experience erectile dysfunction (ED). The incidence of ED increases with age, so by the time men reach 70, around 70% of them experience performance problems.

Erectile dysfunction normally manifests as an inability to develop or maintain an erection, which can have a serious impact on your sex life, relationships, and self-esteem. GAINSWave is FDA-cleared to treat erectile dysfunction.

Why do men experience problems with sexual performance?

More than half of all men experience problems with their sexual performance as they age. This is due to the deterioration of blood vessels in the penis that occurs as a natural consequence of the aging process.

The blood vessels fill with microplaque, a substance formed from naturally occurring cholesterol, calcium, cellular waste, and fibrin that circulate in your blood, causing a blockage. As a result of the buildup of microplaque, there’s a reduction in blood flow to the penis, and consequently, you may have problems with sexual performance.

How does GAINSWave help with sexual performance problems?

GAINSWave uses a technology called extracorporeal shockwave therapy, which consists of high-frequency acoustic waves that Dr. Gehin applies to your genitals.

These painless acoustic waves break up the microplaque blocking the blood vessels in your penis, while at the same time stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. As a result, blood flow increases and sexual performance improves.

Independent research in a number of respected medical journals, including the Journal of Urology, European Urology, the Journal of Sexual Medicine, American Journal of Men’s Health, and the Scandinavian Journal of Urology, report success rates of up to 76% in men receiving GAINSWave therapy.

What are the advantages of GAINSWave?

There are several significant advantages to GAINSWave therapy, including:

  • No surgical procedures involved
  • Entirely noninvasive therapy
  • No use of medication
  • Treatment takes only 15-20 minutes

Patients typically require between 6-12 treatments to gain the optimum benefit from GAINSWave therapy, depending on the degree to which the blood vessels are affected by microplaque. Dr. Gehin advises you on how many treatments you need. 

To find out more about GAINSWave, call CoreMedical today or book an appointment online.


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